Friday, April 6, 2012

Birthday girl!

Sorry about the absence. 
My 'baby' turned 5 years old last week and we had a big party full of family and friends! All totaled, we had 13 kids and 12 adults. But for once, I was prepared and organized and got to relax and have fun, knowing everything was done!
What do you think? Does she look like me?! Haha!

Lighting the candles... Well, actually the lighter wasn't working, so we had to get another! (too funny!)

So I'm a dork... (we've established that!:)... and forgot to take pictures of the invitations. 
They were Pumpkin Pie and Concord Crush. They had 5 balloons and a cupcake, with doubled ribbon on the bottom. Here's the card I made for her. It's got the same ribbon and colors.
I love these Framelits! How could you not?! And an Embossing Folder does wonders for extra texture.

I cut the twine extra long, so after I tied the first bow, I took the ends and tied another bow on top. You can't try to fidget with either bows, though, or it will come loose! 

Here's the inside. Note that the balloon is embossed with the Polka Dot EF, too! :)

Have a great Easter Weekend! I can't believe it's Friday night already!

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  1. I love checking out all your projects! You will have to show me how you make your notebooks. Those were adorable!


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