Friday, May 25, 2012

Teacher's Appreciation Week

A quick post to show you what I did for Teacher's Appreciation Week, earlier this month.

Day 1: Crocheted Scrubbie
(This isn't the picture of the ones I made, but same pattern.)

Day 2: Crocheted Washcloth
(Again, not exact ones, but close enough.)

Day 3: Oven Mitts
Tutorial by skiptomylou HERE 
I'm going to make some for us next. We are sadly in need of new ones. 
 Check out the lining! So cute, easy and fun to make!

Day 4: Stamps
I gave two to each teacher.

Day 5: Plants! 
The little signs say "Thank you for helping me grow!" (I looked but can't find the website I printed them off of.. but Pinterest is full of them!)

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